This is not meant to be better than, nor a replacement of, any studies and beliefs of your own. But rather a reminder, and guide, to help you call your strengths forward. It leads you back to your center and gives you back control.


The LifeCare Principle

Everything in your life matters.
But it's how you prioritize the things in your life that matters more.


Ready? Go…
Zoom out to a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in any moment of discomfort. See that you are not your experience. But something unpleasant in that experience is presently getting all of your attention. Can you identify what that is?

Once you can better pinpoint what your thoughts are attached to, your ability to improve your situation is also revealed. It’s time to shift your point of attraction. It’s time to prioritize what needs to happen over what IS happening. Got that?

Sounds like a no brainer, right? Pretty straight forward. Pretty simple. But doing this, intentionally changing the focus of one’s attention, actually takes more effort than most have the mindful strength for so rather than changing their experience they tend to dig deeper in. They fight harder against what they don’t like. Grief builds up. Energy gets drained. Discomforts amplify. (sigh)

It’s not because it can’t be done. It’s because of the long established habits of thought your brain has developed going all the way back to the day you were born. But with a little practice, along with the appropriate guidance and support, you’ll override your old habits and find your way to this new ability.

As you become a better chooser of your thoughts you take back the reigns from your brain (conscious and subconscious) and guide your vibrational being back into its optimal alignment for living life more freely.


Don’t over think this.

Keep it simple.


Get intentional about what you think about.


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