Offerings for continued progress in personal development, coaching and meditation. Including the 31 Day Personal Push intensive.

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Personal Development

Objective: Transform discomforts into strengths.

This series of FIVE, weekly LIFECARE SESSIONS will allow you to build momentum, confidence and ability for defining new patterns of behavior, thought and identity. Each session builds on your previous progress. 

Recommended for:
Behavioral shifts and self realization. 
Start with: A Consultation or LifeCare session within past 60 days.


FIVE weekly sessions
FEE: $925.00

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Objective: Stay on point and actionable for getting to what you want.

This TEN WEEK, ten COACHING SESSIONS program, will strengthen your ability to keep your thoughts, beliefs and actions aligned for the goal you want to achieve.

Recommended for: Breakthrough and achievement. 
Start with: A Consultation or any single session within past 60 days.

TEN weekly sessions
FEE: $1,500.00

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Objective: Take control of the noise in your head.

These FIVE WEEKLY, one on one, MEDITATION SESSIONS will provide you with guidance, support and an enjoyable process for discovering your personal path through the overwhelm that comes with everyday living.

Recommended for: Clarity and empowerment.
Start with: A Consultation or any single session within past 60 days.

FIVE weekly sessions
FEE: $925.00





OBJECTIVE: Push yourself to what you’re capable of.

As an independent thinker/entrepreneur/creative mind you already know how challenging it can be to go it on your own. The 31 Day Personal Push Intensive will keep you out of your personal pitfalls and in a highly productive mindset for achieving your goal/s.

PROCESS: The environment most relevant to your success is the one inside your head. When you partner your vision with consistent guidance, encouragement and accountability you ensure that your mindful environment will remain unfettered and your cellular vibration alert, attentive and actionable. These 31 days will keep you forward thinking and strengthen your innate abilities for living into your personal vision. 

INCLUDED: 11 hours of direct engagement, structured to your individual needs. PLUS Daily text contact (encouragement/support/accountability).

TOOLS: All modalities, as needed: Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Meditation.
We'll be working DAILY with your mind, body, energy, actions and intentions to effectively guide their relationship to your goals.

• 2 LifeCare Sessions (first week and third week)
• 16 Coaching Sessions (four each week)
• 2 (30 minute) Mini Meditation Sessions (second week and third week)
• 31 check ins (calls/texts) (every day, unscheduled motivational check ins)

PLEASE NOTE: This program is a full on, support blitz to nurture, encourage and push you to your next level. This is not for everyone. You must be ready, and willing, to step up. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Making IT happen.
START WITH: objectivity interview




Due to the intensive nature of this program there is limited availability and an objectivity interview is required.

FEE: Discussed at time of interview.