I’m glad you’re here and only want the best for you.
So, I’ve created a little structure to help you achieve it.

Scheduled Time:

Appointment scheduling is flexible. Appointment times are not.

The work to help you heal begins once your appointment is set. When you set a session time it sends a message to your higher self that you are committing to taking action. Your system goes into alignment mode. Suggesting last minute schedule changes sends a mixed signal to your self. It lowers the priority level of your desire which results in your mind allowing old patterns to remain, and in some instances, may reinforce acceptance of the unwanted thoughts, feelings and/or behaviors. For this reason last minute appointment changes and/or client substitutions are not acceptable.

Scheduling Policy:
Sessions are non transferrable.
Programs are for individual use only and cannot be shared.

All scheduling, including Priority Scheduling, is subject to availability. It is client's responsibility to schedule session/s within the allotted time frame of your program.

It is understood that online scheduling is being done by the person who will be receiving the session and all policies are agreed to, and understood as such.


Myke Zykoff/Zykoff LifeCare maintains a firm, 48 hour window for any schedule changes. Cancellations/rescheduling will not be granted once into the 48 hour window. Fees associated with such sessions will be forfeited. Affected sessions that are part of a Program will be deducted from the program roster and acknowledged as completed.


Payments are due at time of booking/purchase.

Payments are collected online via a secured and verified merchant interface. (STRIPE)

Accepted payment types: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Stored payment information is not accessible by Myke Zykoff nor his employees.

For your added security, clients are always asked to make payments directly, via the online interface.

Refund Policy:

Myke Zykoff/Zykoff LifeCare does not provide refunds. For this reason we ask that you only book a session when you are ready and knowingly able to follow through.

Appointments “cancelled” outside of the 48 hour cancel/reschedule policy window may be rescheduled within 30 days.

If an appointment is missed due to a medical emergency, please contact my office asap after the emergency has been resolved to reschedule the affected appointment.

The policy is the same for program/package sessions that have not been completed within the time frame of their defined time parameters.

Late arrivals:

•It is your responsibility to call in to your session’s designated phone line/video conference room, on time, for each scheduled appointment. Late arrivals will result in an abbreviated session.

•If you are running late to your scheduled session a courtesy notification call/email/text is requested.

•Session conference rooms will close 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time if you have not arrived nor communicated your delay.

•A session will be considered closed and will be marked as a “no show” if you have not arrived nor communicated with my office within 15 minutes of your scheduled start time.

Technical concerns:

Appointments are conducted by telephone and video conferencing. It is your responsibility to have access to a reliable cell service/internet connection during your session times. Dropped calls and interrupted transmissions may occur from time to time. All reasonable attempts will be made to continue a session subjected to inferior transmission conditions. If such conditions prevent the online session to continue it will may be switched to a direct line, phone session or rescheduled within 48 hours, pending schedule availability.


Your understanding, and acceptance, of these guidelines is appreciated.