What, exactly, do you do?

I help people transform uncomfortable thoughts and emotions into a refreshing source of empowerment and productivity.

I consider myself more a healer than a coach or therapist. My methodology is intuitive and conversational. What I do is listen to the spaces between the words in one’s grief or frustration. It is there that the truth can be found. It is there that I discover the guidance the individual has come in search of. It is within your own knowing that all of the answers can be found. As I listen, I take notes, design a map and then hand it back to you so you may see the bird’s eye view of where you are along your personal path and what will be needed to get you back to where you feel strong. I then offer exercises to restore alignment of your innate resources to allow for immediate course corrections and personal improvements. This is accomplished in every single session.

What good is a consultation?

The least productive thing anyone can do is overthink. The best thing to do is to put your ideas into action as quickly as possible. Results prove the theory of any idea. The good of a consultation is to talk out what’s got you stuck and lead you into taking action. We will also discuss a plan for what working together can accomplish. My consultations are free. Let’s have the conversation.

Why do you charge what you charge?

I set my fees based on accessibility, involvement and results. When you need me, I’m here. If you have a question I’ll answer it. Even if we only do one session, I remain available to you. I’m all in when it comes to providing you support.

How many sessions will I need?

This one’s a tough one because we’re all different. Some people are emotionally and environmentally prepared to change quickly yet others need more time. The one thing I can say for sure is that you will experience new perspectives, inspiration and a personal step forward in every session we have together. But let’s start with a free consultation first.

Is it worth it to only do one session?

Truthfully, for many people, one session is all it takes to turn the tables on your present thinking and start seeing immediate results. What I suggest for most of my clients is that we follow through with an additional four sessions to solidify the foundation for your new thinking and behavior/s and maintain the connection for managing any conflicts that might arise in other areas of your life during this period. And for those to who choose to pursue these continued sessions I do offer a healthy savings plan.

Why don’t you have office hours?

I do have office hours. I just don’t keep a brick and mortar office. This helps to keep costs down and availability flexible. I work with clients every day of the week (even Sundays - by special appointment). I do the best I can to be available when you need me.

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance. I can, however; provide you with an invoice for you to pass on to your insurance carrier. Some insurance companies and/or employers have a reimbursement protocol for alternative, holistic care. Please check directly with your provider for what they may offer.

Should I stop seeing my regular therapist?

Here’s the simple rule for this, and any other “regular” thing you have in your life: If you’re getting the results you want and you actually enjoy the process, keep doing what you’re doing. BUT, if things feel stale and you’re not feeling engaged, then perhaps it’s time for a break. Step away for a bit and let your self reset. You’ll then have the clarity to know if going back is the right choice.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If you’re on medication, or under medical supervision it is imperative that you consult your medical care provider as you consider making any change to your present treatment. I DO NOT engage in, nor provide medical advice, treatment or replacement therapies for medicinal treatments and/or other forms of doctor supervised care.