How could... a heart that beat,
and lips that smiled,
and eyes that cried... ever die?

By certification I am a holistic health practitioner, hypnotherapist and practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (nlp). By personal interest I am seeker of joys and fanciful, curious things. But I’d really just like you to think of me as a personal guide for making life a whole lot better.

What I’d like to share with you comes mostly through hindsight. Though it’s true, I’ve always felt connected to a grand plan of things for myself and in relation to others but I’d be remiss to say that I knew what was happening every step along the way. Quite the contrary. I actually feel that most of my life has been quite confusing. Which, without a doubt, is what eventually guided me to the care I’ve learned for myself and to share with others.

I grew up in a loving family with four brothers, of which I am the eldest by several years. But before that I was the youngest. I had an older brother of two years that suddenly passed away from something the medical profession was not yet prepared for back then. It had a devastating impact on my parents and an undefinable impact on me. The joyful family I was part of became energetically fractured and my world view; inverted.

In the time between my older brother’s passing and my next brother’s arrival, I became cautious in my connections to others. My childhood brain became an astute observer of things and people. I sought sincerity and kindness and was keen to keep my distance until I found a certainty in the experience. With a large extended family providing countless gatherings for meals and celebrations, I noticed that the male energy and the female energy would often separate into different sitting areas and establish different tones of conversation.

The men would talk about practical things and the women would talk about their feelings about the goings on of things. Of which, the latter I always found much more interesting.

When it came time for college I felt the responsible thing was to pursue a “legitimate” career as a mechanical engineer, following in the footsteps of my dad, a recipient of multiple awarded patents. But after just one semester I found a lack of connection with the material and requested a curriculum change from my college counselor with one caveat: "I still want to graduate on time.”

The only option available to allow this was something called “communications” which I knew nothing about. But soon, I was working in a television studio alongside professionals, learning to operate cameras and lights, getting trained in sound design, editing and even working my hand at directing short projects. I was hooked. Eventually I got into film studies and after graduating from Emerson College, headed out to Hollywood to become a producer/director in the music video field. (Radiohead, No Doubt, Weezer, Sade, etc.) Life was awesome.

Then I lost my mother to breast cancer.

I was devastated, confused and suddenly, completely lost in my life. Nothing felt good anymore. Nothing made sense.

I went from feeling on top of the world to suddenly plunging down, deep into that dark chasm of uncertainty I had experienced, already, as a child. I felt left on my own again. But this time was a bit different. This time I got angry. How could the person I loved so dearly, the person who loved me so powerfully, suddenly cease to exist? So instead of retreating, I wanted to find answers. Without having the word for it at the time, I was setting out on an existential journey. •Who are we? •What’s the point? •What allows some people to be well and others to suffer? •Where did my mother just go when she died?•Could I have helped her become well again? -I wanted to become part of the solution.

It took a few years, and through a little trial, error, and serendipity, I found my way to studying holistic health care; a non medical, practice for helping people live optimally. In the very beginning I practiced massage therapy, which, before even completing the curriculum, I developed into a successful, solo, healing practice in San Diego, California. Something about it all just clicked. I’d found my path for providing solution. But as the human experience goes, I became eager for more.

My continued studies included cellular biology, physiology, acupressure, kinesiology, nutrition, muscle memory and even the more “out there” practices of Qi Gong, aromatherapy, crystals and auric fields. And then there was, of course, my introduction to the “collective consciousness.” This was where I really started to understand the bigger picture of un-wellness. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. From micro to macro and back again. “One’s mind, body and life are intricately connected, as if woven from a single thread. When any part of the being is affected, all parts are affected.” With this expanded insight I started to see the need for a better understanding the mind-brain connection.

This lead me to hypnotherapy and nlp; both methods for bypassing the congestion of our thoughts and eliciting improved functionality, rather quickly.

Soon after I expanded my private practice to train new bodywork practitioners and invite a handful of additional holistic care providers to come together under one roof. (biofeedback, acupuncture, sound healing, kinesiotherapy, reiki, nutrition and, of course, extraordinary bodywork).

With much credit and gratitude to my client base, our collective, then called Zykoff Bodywork & Hypnotherapy (located in a hidden boutique office on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood) was honored with “Best of Los Angeles” five years in a row.

From there I began hosting meditation classes in, and around, Los Angeles. Mostly this was out of my own need to further understand my self but soon it developed into another full branch of my healing practice providing students of all levels with a pragmatic pathway to discovering their own personal truths.

Which brings us to this present moment and you, as you read this.

My way of helping people to find their own way has come from a rather uncomfortable, personal journey. Every step of the way offered value and purpose but it was in learning to host a mindset of curiosity that transformed it all into a useable resource. And this is what working with me will bring to you, as well.

Everyone’s personal history inspires who they are today. But it’s how you interpret your story that either debilitates or empowers you.
— MZ

Every moment you sit in uncertainty is a moment of life you don’t get back.
I want you to feel the urgency coming through and take the action.

I am also available for speaking engagements and group workshops. Email me.


Education Synopsis

- Emerson College, B.S.1988

- Mueller College of Holistic Studies, San Diego, CA, 1999

- Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Healing, Los Angeles, 2003

- Landmark Education, Los Angeles, CA 2005

- Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Tarzana, CA, 2006

- Millionaire Mind Intensive, Los Angeles, CA, 2004 & 2009

- Anthony Robbin's Personal Coaching Program 2008-2009

- NLP Comprehensive training/certification, Denver, CO, 2009