Refresh your thinking and invite it in. 

Your brain and body are always working in your favor.  Always. When you feel off, in any way, you are being called to attention. Hidden within your discomforts are the keys to your healing and progress. As you decipher the messages you open the door for something extraordinary.



You are not your frustration.

You are not your pain.

You are not your illness.


You are not ever stuck.


You are separate from your experience and therefor have freedom to think thoughts that feel better than the moment.


You are the inviter of all things in your world. (From the people to the nic nacs on your shelves.)


But too many things tend to cause distraction, stress and breakdown.


To restore your well being, productivity and free spirit you've got to recenter your self and refocus your intention.


You're a unique individual, meant to think your own thoughts.


When you feel limited in possibility it means that you've given someone else's ideas priority in your head.


Rise up for your self. Identify what feels best for you and start thinking in that direction.


Think holistically. Proceed joyfully.  EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR FAVOR.

My job is to help you shift out of your perceived limitations and back into your abilities.



What would you like to do?


Your thoughts, actions and emotions are all patterns of behavior.  With a little guidance, insight and support you can make wanted improvements, naturally.



Whether you know exactly what you want or are struggling to get your gears in motion, having a partner for your mind can keep you resourceful, productive and inspired. 



The quality of your life ,and well being, has everything to do with how you manage the information in your head. Practice identifying your truth. And as you discover it, strengthen it.

Some kind words from clients...

Source: YELP Los Angeles, CA

My work ...with Myke has been so life changing...    Myke is more than a therapist. Although he's extremely professional, he talks to you more like a friend rather than a client.

Phil H.

Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur

In my initial session with Myke I unloaded all my issues and grievances. I was amazed at how well he was able to see through the ranting to the root of my problems.

Karolina K.


...with Myke's help, I feel whole again on my own. I feel like I can tackle this single mom life with so much more ease and clarity.

Masooma M.

Single mom/Entrepreneur

Myke is truly a gifted and insightful person.  He has pulled me through the hardest times of my life and gave me hope when I thought there was none.

Peter B.

Landscape Architect/Dad

He's such a remarkable teacher/talker/listener that one package of sessions with him feels like ten years of dedicated spiritual work/insight in about 7 weeks.

Paulina B.


At a point when momentum slowed down & time seemed to stop, I was honored to have Myke help me begin my path to peace. In a short time I have regained my composure & realized I do have the tools to make life meaningful & fulfilling.

Cheri R.

Business owner/Mom

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