Once a month you get to take an intentional step back from your day to day schedule to reflect, ponder, course correct and reset.


Use the 1x Plan to:
• Regroup your thoughts
• Refocus your intentions
• Update your personal roadmap
• Remember your strengths
• Strengthen your voice
• Motivate your actions
• Talk through potential blocks
• Gain a fresh perspective
• Exercise new thinking
• Decompress
• Catch up and reset

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1x MONTHLY is just enough to keep you connected without feeling obligated.


Ideal for:
• Artists/Writers/Performers
• Single parents
• Day jobbers
• Work from homer-s
• Business owners
• Travelers/Nomads 
• Students

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Each month you get to choose how you would like to focus your session; LIFECARE, COACHING or MEDITATION. And if you’re not sure, no problem. Our conversation will lead us to what’s most needed in the moment.



Think of it like this:
You know that feeling you get when you find a forgotten $100 bill in your jeans on laundry day? Well, these sessions are kinda like that: A joyful boost to your energy, clarity and productivity (that you might not even think you need).



(recurring billing)

Commitment fee: $100.00
Billed additionally, once at start up.

As soon as you sign on you can book your first session.

The 1X PLAN Guidelines/Terms:

• Automated, recurring billing.
• Total fee at start up is $250.00. (This includes your, one time, commitment fee.)
• Cancel anytime before your next billing cycle.
• Plan is single user only. (Cannot be shared.)
• Sessions must be scheduled and completed within each 30 day billing cycle from your sign up date. No rollovers, extensions nor refunds are provided.
• It is your responsibility to schedule your appointment each month.
• 1x Monthly Plan sessions are conducted via phone.
• Plan rates, guidelines are subject to change with a 30 day notification provided.
• When you BEGIN 1x MONTHLY you acknowledge and agree to these terms.